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Visual/Interactive Design is not an exact science. It's an ever-growing, moving target, where visual design and user experience must work harmoniously. 


My job is to bring clarity and order to the always evolving design ecosystem. Interpreting and translating wireframes, client brand, and end-user needs into an engaging, streamlined solution across industries that include Health, Publishing, Family, Entertainment, and Financial. I also make a mean cup of coffee. 


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I started my career as a print designer at Ogilvy, moving to the web where I have designed, developed, and launched regional and international online solutions. A principal of my own studio, I worked one-on-one with clients to create an online presence, print campaigns, and new brand directions. 

Beyond the design world, I actively perform stand up in New York, studied Improv at the Groundlings in Los Angeles, and tried my hand at voice over acting. An avid writer, I recently self-published a comical book about my dating experiences. As well as a typography text published with Pearson Education entitled: The Stuff Type Is Made Of, adopted by over 130 schools in the US. 


I will also go toe-to-toe with you on Breaking Bad trivia. 


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