Navigation Redesign

Working in conjunction with our in-house UX team, I reimagined the navigation for our flagship SaaS platform. The outcome after four months of research, interviews, and testing is a navigation that has greatly reduced graphics, easier to read selections, and is less than half the height as the old nav. Post-launch, user interaction on pages they normally did not utilize increased by 20-80% on specific pages. Bam.


Role: Visual Design, stakeholder meetings and interviews, mood boards and research

Old design
Two-level, legacy navigation is weighed down by multiple colors and type treatments, extraneous navigation and links, and hard to follow two-stage orange navigation.

Updated visuals
Redesigned visual design employs the use of a limited color palette, delicate type face, and thin profile creating a usable, unobstrusive navigation.


Dark & Sophisticated
Light & Airy
Open Space & Clean
Technology & Futeristic
Angular & Highend
Organized & Modular
Brave new world & Sky is the limit
Fun & Best friend
Synthesized Moodboard

Initial Stakeholder Moodboards